There’s no business success without a strategic plan.

It sounds dull, but it’s true! It doesn’t matter how much content you make, you’re playing a very dizzy business-version of ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ if there’s no plan behind it. And that will leave you stressed and overwhelmed!

The content you create for your business needs to be engaging. It needs to envoke emotion, and resonate with your dream clients.


Creating content isn’t easy. You need to know your target audience inside out, you need to understand them and what they want and need from you. And, in a world of insane content creation, it needs to talk to them enough that they pick your content to consume and don’t just scroll on by. That means you need a plan. You need to know what to create, in what format, and where to put it. You need to know what purpose that content is going to do - will it generate leads, engage prospects or drive sales?

My systems, tips and tricks are designed to help you understand what makes great content that will really captivate your audience, drive engagement and prospects, and ultimately convert into real sales for your business.

There’s three ways you can work with me…


Mini Strategy Session

Let’s hang out for an hour, chat about you and your business, and solve any marketing struggles that you’ve got. You’ll leave feeling inspired and excited, with a brand new plan!


Content Mastermind

Join my flagship Content Mastermind, and create your incredible inbound content strategy with laser-focused activities that will take just half an hour a day.


1:1 Strategy

Let’s work together to create a complete strategy for your business or your launch, so you know exactly what to do when to get results. I can even help you to implement, if you like.