Would you pass a 10 second audit?

When I’m consulting, I often challenge my clients to do 10 second audits. They are wonderful things - but have you ever wondered if you’d pass?

Think like him - a short attention span, and easily distracted!

Think like him - a short attention span, and easily distracted!

Here’s how you do it, simplified so you can follow along wherever you are.

First, think up 5 people really quick. They can be anyone, but usually I task people to think up people that have the same target market as you - they might not sell the same thing. For example, if you sell meal planning to students, find people who sell to students, even if they sell stationery. If you sell to busy mums, you want people who sell to busy mums.

Now, I want you to load their websites, and in 10 seconds, note down everything that comes to mind. What do they do? Who do they serve?

For example, if you were doing this for my website, you might note down;

  • Very pink! Colourful website

  • Talks immediately about an early bird content academy offer; and a free challenge

  • There’s a big picture of Seville, a picture of me, and a statement about my mission - helping people create content that makes them feel confident, passionate, excited and inspired

  • The services I offer (the Content Academy, content consulting and strategy creation) are all clearly listed

  • There’s an intro to me and why I’m different to other content strategists

How did your picks do?

You’ll usually find that some people have great homepages that give you a quick, clear idea of what they do - and some really don’t! You’ll also sometimes find people who have a great desktop site but a pretty awful mobile experience, or vice versa.

How do you do?

Now I want you to clear your mind, and load your own site. Look at it with fresh eyes, like you’ve never heard of yourself or your business. Is it clear what you do? What are the top 5 things that come to mind when you see the website? Are all the messages that you want to be getting across there?

Don’t forget to check different devices, too.

Why does it matter?

People are generally in a rush. They have ten things that they could be doing at any given minute, and you’ve done a good job if you’ve held their attention long enough to get them to your website… but now you need to keep going. It needs to be clear what you do, who for, and how they benefit. If it gets confusing, if it takes too much brain power to figure it out, people will click away. They do not want to be made to think.

How did you do? I find this a great challenge - and you can try it on your social media profiles, too!

Katy Elle Blake