Do you feel like you’re doing everything you ‘should’ be doing to grow your business, but you feel stuck where you are?

Are you overwhelmed about what to do that will really make a difference, and help your business get to the next level?

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You need a proper, powerful content strategy.

In the early days of business, you can afford to dally in Facebook Groups, post whatever you feel like and test what works. But when business starts to ramp up, you need something better. Something more strategic, with better results - and less overwhelm! Learning this is the secret to creating high-quality content that captivates your audience, provides value, makes connections and turns your loyal fans into customers.

It’s powerful.

I once moved to Seville, with just an four nights in a hotel and an Airbnb account. I bought a brand new Land Rover to celebrate going self-employed, before I could even drive. I’ve imported litres of Plantation Rum from the other side of the world. I travelled to the other side of the world to visit the Manhattan, and it’s eclectic collection of whiskies and rums. How?

Authentic, passionate storytelling.

It’s the only way to do marketing. There’s thousands of marketing courses, gurus and web results; but the truth is that no marketing strategy or sales trick will make you money if you don’t have a strategic plan that matches your business - and makes you feel confident, passionate, excited and inspired!

How do you learn that, if you don’t have hours to spend reading each day, or the marketing budget for #Hibernot?

That’s where I come in. It’s my mission to help people to build businesses that they love, though powerful content strategies. A business that you love, which fits a lifestyle that you love, regardless of where you’re starting from. We’ll work together and work it out, with no stress or overwhelm - and plenty of time for you to focus on the other aspects of running your business!

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Hi, I’m Katy! Nice to ‘meet’ you.

If impactful content strategy is the ‘what’, I guess I’m the ‘who’!

I was born without much of a spine. I’ve been under anesthetic 52 times, to date. Those things might be related! I studied Law, before kicking off my career in Social Media at Facebook. I’m orphaned. I’ve managed Content Strategy for Nestlé, Travelodge and HSBC - and they’ve taught me lots, including how to shoot whisky, and that I’m dangerous with a golf club! I made an impromptu move to Seville to roll out an international strategy in my 20s, with just my passport and some very sketchy Spanish.

I’m slowly learning to cook. I collect a new favourite wine from almost every holiday. I’m fond of bright lipstick, and you’ll rarely see me without one! I never turn down a road trip, or a zoo visit - red pandas and Komodo dragons are my faves. I love to travel, and I am honoured that my business lets me do that often.

I set up my company to help other business owners to build the businesses they dream of, too. It’s been a wild ride, and I’ve loved every minute so far. Still curious? Find out more:

Let’s do this.

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Let’s hang out for an hour, chat about you and your business, and solve any marketing struggles that you’ve got. You’ll leave feeling inspired and excited, with a brand new plan!

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Join my flagship Content Mastermind, and create your incredible inbound content strategy with laser-focused activities that will take just half an hour a day.

One to one content strategy sessions with Katy Blake

1:1 Strategy

Let’s work together to create a complete strategy for your business or your launch, so you know exactly what to do when to get results. I can even help you to implement, if you like.

Hear what they thought…

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I took Katy’s Content Mastermind course in 2018. Katy is really easy to get along with, spiring and knowledgeable - and my dream clients are now coming to me! I would so recommend it.
— Sally, beautician
I had a content planning session this week and Katy was fabulous! In such a short time, she completely ‘got’ my business and gave me really simple, easy to follow tips that I’ve been able to use straight away.”
— Suzanne, HR/Recruitment Training
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Join the Content Revolution.

Imagine having your dream clients coming straight to you - ready to buy, with no bartering, no stress, and no spending hours adding value in Facebook groups or sending endless LinkedIn DMs.

It’s not a dream. It’s a marketing strategy that puts the human first, and makes you stand out from the rest.

My flagship Content Mastermind runs just a few times a year, teaching you how to implement a strategy that gets leads coming straight to you in just half an hour a day. Ready? Join now for the April start!